York Regional Council

York RegionThe 20 members of York Regional Council set policies, direction and budgets for The Regional Municipality of York. In York, members of Regional Council are chosen by voters in what is termed a “double direct” form of election. That is, a successful candidate for the office of Mayor or Regional Councillor in a municipality earns a seat on both local and Regional Council for three years. The Chair of Regional Council is elected at large by the members of Regional Council at their inaugural meeting and also serves a three-year term. Most of Council’s work is done through standing committees and task forces. These bodies receive public input, review policies and consider staff reports, then recommend actions to Regional Council.

David is on the following committees at the Region:

Member – York Region Council
Chair – York Region Finance & Admin Committee
Member – York Region Rapid Transportation Board
Chair – Yonge Street Subway Task Force

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York Region Administrative Centre

ow the government of the Regional Municipality of York operates.